R3 Mini electric skateboard
R3 Mini electric skateboard
R3 Mini electric skateboard
R3 Mini electric skateboard
R3 Mini electric skateboard
R3 Mini electric skateboard

R3 Mini electric skateboard

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★ Make turning easy and super portable ★
Inspired by skateboards and surfboards, the R3 Mini is a 25mm wide concave, classic kicktail design. 
You can do Dollies and Air in a limited space, and you can easily turn.
It is made as light as possible using 8 layers of maple and can be safely carried anywhere.
The R3 Mini also has 2.5Ah and 90Wh batteries, so it can be installed on some airplanes. 
If you would like to bring it on an airplane, please check with the airline company.

★ 2 Super powerful hub motor ★
With a 2 * 450w super strong hub motor, the R3 Mini can reach up to 20mph.
And three gears of your choice, suitable for beginners to experienced riders.
The FOC system stabilizes the ride, significantly reduces noise, and provides optimal acceleration and braking control at high speeds.
IP54 provides better protection for your drive system in watery environments. However, we do not recommend using the R3 Mini on the water.

★ High quality battery guarantees safety 
It uses Samsung 10S1P-36V lithium-ion battery, can be fully charged in 2 hours, and can run up to 20km.
Meet your short commute perfectly.
More fuel efficient and eco-friendly commuter vehicles to nearby shopping malls, work studios and schools.
With the wireless remote control, you can easily control the board and ride with confidence.
Range: up to 20km / 12.5 miles
Maximum speed: 35KM / h / 20 MPH
Maximum climbing grade: 20%
Rated power: 450W * 2
Battery: Samsung 2.5Ah, 90Wh
Rider weight limit: 264lbs / 120kg
Dimensions: 790mm * 244.5mm * 130mm
Weight: 6kg / 13lbs
Regenerative braking: support
Recommendations: Short-distance city commute, university commute.
180 days warranty
★★★ Package contents statement
1 * R3 mini skateboard
1 * Charger
1 * Detachable cord
1 * User Guide
1 * Remote control
1 * Micro USB cable
1 * Skate tool

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